Monday, August 31, 2009

When will I wake up from this....

Saturday before last, I went to the ER and I was told I had a "complex migraine," severe dehydration (still not used to Vegas heat, but carry water with me all the time now), and a severe flair up of my fibro. I was feeling a little funny on Friday afternoon, but I still pushed myself to go to work. As I was tripping over myself at work, even my co-workers noticed that I wasn't well. But still, I pushed forward. Saturday came and I couldn't even get up off the couch, my depth perception in my vision was off. I felt like I had one hand over an eye when I was trying to look at something, yet I had both my eyes open. Not only that, but my equilibrium was off. I had my son release my shift online (because we had online scheduling at Outback) saying that I was going to the emergency room. The hospital drugged me up and sent me home. The next day, I went to check too see what time I had to work, because yes, the glutton for punishment I am, I was going to go to work when I noticed that my schedule had been removed.

I sent an email to the bosses and told them what happened and that I had guessed that I was fired. The owner said that I could come back if I wanted. The other manager (who creates the schedules) wished me luck in whatever I decided to do. I wrote another email to the owner and told him some things that were going on with my schedule and didn't get an email back, so there went my job...Now I'm looking for a new job and have a wonderful prospect at Chili's, I just hope I get it.

As far as my little man, he neph said that it doesn't look that good and this Wednesday we are getting a kidney function test done to see exactly where the damage is. The thing I like about this neph is that this time they are going to sedate Little M! Yeah for that, but then I have to watch him for a couple of days afterwards since they need to cath him for that test. The time before last, when they cath'd him, I had to rush him to the hospital because he stopped peeing completely. That's when they put a cath to stay then he had surgery in his bladder and the docs put a tube coming out of his bladder it was collected in a urinary bag (suprapubic tube). That was a nightmare of a year!

It's so hard to keep thinking positively sometimes, but I force myself to. I do it, not for myself, but for my children.

We also had a fiasco the first day of Kindergarten with Little M because his pre-k teacher didn't let the K teacher know what is required for Meryck and I had to give her a crash course in it. However, what good did come out of it, was that I called the principal directly and told him what was going on. Next thing you know we had a 504 meeting planned within 2 days. What's even better is that we addressed both of my children and got both of them on a 504! See a silver lining in everything!

Things can get rough, but I will persevere! I will push forward, not matter how much pain I am in. I need to. My children (and now new puppies) are the driving force behind my persistence and determination....

Did I mention my desktop crashed??? Yeah, well, what can you do about that except get a new one. When that will be, who knows.


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