Friday, September 25, 2009

Watch the time

I've been having some issues from my teenager about him checking in on time. His excuse??? He doesn't have a watch. Oh, yes, he has a cell phone, however for some strange reason, the clock on his cell is somehow forgotten about.

Then I was introduced to a site called Blue Dial. It has so many watches that are "in style" at extreme discounts! Click here to view a bunch of their casio G-shock watches.

Personally, I think my son could use this one:

It has a leather strap and also has an ALARM!!! Yes, just what he needs so that he can check in on time. Hmmmmm.... Christmas is coming....maybe if he's good, he'll get one.

Are all teenagers so picky and sassy? If I ever spoke to my parents the way he speaks to me sometimes, I would have gotten grounded our back-handed! I must admit, it is partly my fault...I take partial blame, but he is 17 now and he needs to learn responsibility. That includes checking in on time! Without lip! It's always: "Mom, why do I have to check in every hour and a half??? My friends don't have to check in at all..." I tell him that I am an involved parent and until he turns 18 and moves out on his own, he is to follow the house rules; which includes checking in on time.

I think he wants out of the house because it hurts him to deal with his youngest brother's syndrome, even though Little M looks "normal," the Big T knows that Little M is sick. I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that he is a teenager. It is what I call the "Me, Me, I Syndrome." He always tells me: "I am the son (sun), so you should revolve around me." How arrogant is that?? As if I didn't have enough to deal with already.

I digress, the short of it, Big T needs a watch to tell time so he knows when he needs to check in! I'll be shopping around for Christmas...if, and that's a BIG if, he behaves.


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  1. OH OH OH!!!!

    **raises hand**

    My hubby and I have some watches that are REALLY cool, and your guy might love one! We swear by them, and the hubby is very hard to shop for (being a rock star and all! ;P)

    They are made by Nemesis, and they sell them seperatly, the watch face and strap, so you can sort of design your own! So we each have 3 straps, and 2 faces, and switch them.

    Infectious Threads has them, and that is where we got them!

    Oh, and HI! I am a new follower to your blog, and mommy to 2 boys, one that has Aspergers's Syndrome! ;) Can't wait to read all about your boys!


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