Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy kind of giveaway...any takers?

I was sitting here speaking with a good friend of mine and a wonderful thought came to about I have a crazy giveaway. I'd like to give away my teenage boy. He is full of "bright ideas", is great at keeping his bed, the couch and his phone from flying away, he is very "outgoing" and has tons of "opinions". He comes with a blue-black frohawk, a couple of power ranger t-shirts, form fitting jeans and a "wonderful" attitude to boot. He is good at walking (away), riding his bike (away), and the latest and greatest running (away). He is very strong-willed and has an incredible way of standing his ground. He is very well liked, has "a way" of talking to people and an incredible selective memory. He is very clean (as in shower clean only). He doesn't require much... just (a lot of) food, space to sleep, bathroom, maid, cheauffer, human alarm, on call chef, video games, constant positive reinforcement and life must revolve around him. This child is not for the strong-willed person, he will wear you down. So, if you are weak, weak-minded, willing to give this teenager anything and everything he wants and have a lot of money (not for me, but for him to spend), then this is the teen for you...Any takers?


  1. I so Love Tim but I am going to pass... have enough to deal with having a 3 year old LOL

  2. LMAO OMG you have me rolling. Thankyou for brightning my morning

  3. Already have 2 of my own, actually one recently moved into his twenties. Gets a little better then, hang in there.

  4. I guess he is getting too old to be "jacked up" so to speak, in order to quicken his pace to meet your standards. He sounds like a great young man and reminds me of my children when they were younger...
    I am sure he is making/will make, you and your husband proud to call him son.
    I wish I would have had his independence when younger myself.
    Keep smiling and ya will be smiled upon.xxoo


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