Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Night in the Life...

I went downstairs to cook dinner
and this is what I found:

Oh, yes, those are oven mitts on Meryck's feet! It was so funny, I almost busted a stitch. Oh, and as soon as my little people get home, they ALWAYS strip down to underwear. So, don't be surprised if most of my pictures are them in their undies. It must be a boy thing. I have tried to keep them dressed to no avail.

Then, my husband tells our teen to mow the lawn. It needed mowing and if he didn't have it done yesterday my husband was going to pay the kid across the street to do it. (Remember, Tim has a big case of the L-A-Z-Y's -- and he gets PAID for chores!!) So what does this ingenious child do...he knows that he gets paid $20 for mowing, found a couple of his friends and told them that he would pay them $15 to mow the lawn!!! I couldn't believe it. Tim called it being an entrepreneur...I called it lazy, so as the mean, awful, witch of a Mom I am, I only paid Tim $15 (which he gave to his friends) to mow. The best part about it...his friends didn't do a thorough job and Tim had to go over some spots and weed eat - for FREE!!!! WOOOOT!

So, I've been recovering from hernia surgery and my little people decided to lay with me. My belly was growling, you know the growl from when you drink only water...well, my wonderful son, Kyle, thought he'd enlighten me about growling stomachs. This is what he said - "You know when you feel something wiggly in your belly Mom? It means that it will come out your butt as a toot." I thought to myself, how in the world does a 6 year old pay attention to such detail and asked him where he learned that bit of information. He told me he had figured it out himself. Talk about being tuned in to your own body!

Then there was a commercial on TV about A/C filters and dust mites. Kyle felt he had to explain to me about dust mites. He said "Dust mites eat dead skin and are on hairy backs." Hairy backs??? What that has to do with dust mites, I may never know.

I told Kyle several times that it was time for him to sleep, since his brother was already passed out and it was way past his bedtime. He was having a hard time, which is usual for him. I asked him why he was having such a hard time falling asleep and his response was that he was like a sloth, so slow to go to sleep. Within 15 more minutes, a head rub and snuggle and he was out.

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  1. Meryck needed a comment.... I LOVE you my little nephew!!! MMMWWWAAAAHHHHH


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