Thursday, November 13, 2008

AAARRRGGGHHH I've been tagged...

Ok, I've been tagged by Claire at Single Mom Meltdown. Up until now, I had no idea what that meant. Then it was explained it to me. Damn, now I know and have to follow directions!!!!

Here are the 7 random/weird facts about me:

1. When I cut nails (kids, mine), I do it outside so the clippings don't linger around the house.
2. I pluck my own eyebrows, which I have to do outside as well (the lighting is God perfect).
3. I like to have control of the things I can control (obviously not my children or my husband...well...sometimes, he he) and I tell it like it is.
4. My pantry is stocked label out for cans, all are with their brothers and sisters (green beans with green beans, corn with corn, so forth and so on) and non-parishables all have the side out showing what extactly it is so there is no guessing.
5. I am able to easily read people (as in tell what kind of person they are) from the first time I meet them, and I'm usually right.
6. When I grow up I want to be like my Abuela.
7. I will be an attorney one day, or a radiologist or both!

Ok, that was also mind-straining...I have other tags that I may have to get to sometime, so, here are those I am going to tag...

1. Angelina
2. Stefanie
3. Country Diva
4. KatieZ
5. Kelly
6. Jay@halftime lessons
7. Angie

I chose these because I'm new to this. So, have fun and tag, you're it!
(I honestly don't know how many of these tags I will be doing, we'll see...)


  1. Hey thanks for the tag, but I will have to do it later! I am still not in my new house. Not until the first of next week. But I will get to it I promise. You should come back and visit, and don't forget to enter my contest! The link is at the top-right of my blog!

  2. HA!HA!HA!HA! I am going to tag you every damn time I get tagged LMAO!
    and yes... you should beome and attorney because NO ONE can win in an arguement with you! LOL

  3. Tee, hee, now I get to pass something on to you...whenever I get around to it....


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