Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picture Pages Sunday

This is my Dad (holding the bass...mmmmmm beer batter bass), my grandpa (standing to the right of my Dad), my younger brother to the far right and you guessed at the far left. Ok, this was about 1982 when we lived in a podoke town and I obviously didn't give a shit about style. I'm guessing I just wanted to be warm ?. Don't ask what kind of face I'm making, I have no idea. I have so many fond memories of looking for nightcrawlers in the back yard, fishing, ice fishing, playing horseshoes, having the big spindles we used as tables for scaling the fish we caught and barbeques, swinging on the hammock and so much more. My grandpa and Dad made the best, by God, beer batter bass ever! Ahh the good old days...
Grandpa RIP, Dad - I love you.


  1. OMG if the girls over at the Classy Closet radio show get a hold of this picture.... you are such a fashion No No! LMAO!!!!!!!
    Look at your bro in the corner.. so little! Still think Mia looks just like him! LOL

  2. Looks like the picture was scanned in a bit crooked. I never remembered you looking so darn nerdy! I much prefer you with that 70's retro fro wig on. It seems that your younger brother got all the good looks in the family! LOL! LOVE YALL! Miss you boys! Hi Paul, proud of you all.


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