Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bloggers Unite!

Taken from Musings of a Military Wife
Are you sick and tired of everyone under the sun claiming they need a bail out? Do you wonder what the banks did with all of the funds they were given at the end of last year?

Just think, if the fed’s had given each person in America their “cut” of those funds instead of the banks, where would we be now? How many mom and pop shops would STILL be open, how many homes would still have there families inside?

Do you have a blog? Do you have an opinion? Want to be apart of something? Then join us on 1/20/2009 and have your official #bhbo post ready to publish to your blog on 1/20 with your own Baill Out request for the government.

What is #bhbo? Why it is Blog Hop Bail Out, which was heard first on the Classy Closet via blog talk just this morning (1/14) hosted by ClassyJen and SugarJones.

#bhbo wants you and your blog. Get to drafting your official request for a bail out from the government. Make it good, make it fun, but make it #bhbo.

More information coming soon……for now I must #bhbo on Twitter

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