Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Bouncy Fresh New Year


And now for your regularly scheduled program:

Last night I had to work. I was scheduled to close the restaurant. Thoughts - "By golly, I won't be home for the ball drop." "By golly, I won't be able to give my kids the pots and pans with wooden spoons to bang at midnight." "By golly, I won't be able to kiss my DH and children at midnight." "By golly, instead I'll be picking up other people's messes, what a way to start a new year." And a whole bunch of other "by golly's." Let me just tell you how fun it is to begin a new year by cleaning and basically getting my ass reamed because the other servers I "checked out" didn't do their job properly. Even after I asked them several times. But wait, let's rewind some...

After about 3 hours of sleep from working the night before, I wanted to go car looking. I dragged my DH out of the house at 10 am and went driving and lot browsing. Before I had left, I started a load of my work clothes - all of my work clothes (what you need to know about my work clothes is that my pants, aprons and socks are black). At 11:30is I called my teen and told him to put my clothes in the dryer. I gave him explicit direction on watching the dryer because my shirts had to come straight out (I don't iron unless absolutely necessary). Around 12:00 pm I called my teen to check on the dryness of my shirts. Our conversation:

Tim: Hello?

Me: Hey, did you hand my shirts up?

Tim: Your clothes have fuzzies all over them.

Me: WHAT! Check the lint catcher and I'll call you back in a few.

A few minutes later...

Tim: Hello?

Me: Was the lint trap full?

Tim: Yes, I emptied it.

Me: Ok, put the shirts back in the dryer for a few and the lint should come right off. I'll call you back in a little bit.

Tim: K.

I called him back around 1:00 pm:

Tim: Hello?

Me: Did you take my shirts out?

Tim: Did you know that the washer is full of dryer sheets? There are hundreds in there.

Me: WHAT!!! (Panic ensues)

Tim: Well,

Me: Ok, I'll see it when we get home. We are on our way.

I got home at around 2 pm and went straight to the dryer. There were my work clothes full, and I mean FULL, of fuzzies. My pants, apron and socks looked grey from all the fuzzies. I was now in full panic mode because I had to be at work at 4. Not good, not good. I was able to salvage a red shirt (didn't look that bad). At 2:50 I decided that I would have to run to Walmart to get some new pants. There was no other solution, I didn't have time to re-wash my clothes. So, I quickly got ready and bolted out the door with shirt on hanger, work shoes on, jeans and a tank top.

I got to Walmart - and really, I don't know what I was thinking to go there on New Year's Eve. I literally ran in the store, grabbed some Dickies and found a line that was relatively small. THEN, right as it is time for the woman in front of my to check out, she looks at me and says "Oh, darn, I forgot one thing. I'll be right back." In my head I was fuming as I outwardly smiled at her. I think my smile must have been crooked because she left and she came right back with nothing in her hands. It was my turn and the woman behind me with a buggy kept invading my space! I was so not in the mood. I brushed it off, payed and left. Ok, so, I got my pants and ran to my car. When I got in my car, I proceeded to change from my jeans to the new pants. As I'm sitting there in my underwear reaching for the new pants, the family in the car parked to the right of me start getting in their car. I looked down to make sure nothing was really visible, waited a few seconds for them to get in their car and began putting my pants on. All I have to say about that is thank God for tints! The pants fit.

I drove to work, parked, got out of my car, tucked my shirt in and started putting all my pins on. I made it inside just in time. Now, back to the dryer incident, remember that? Well, I won't soon forget. As I was putting my pins on, I noticed they slide quite easily through the material. No bother, can't think about that, just get them on and get inside were my thoughts. I clock in, and get my first table immediately. As I'm gathering all the drinks and stuff, one of my co-workers commented on my smell. Gran-friggin-tastic! As I was making drinks and getting bread, I told her the story. She about fell out laughing! Not only did she notice, but one of my tables noticed as well, so I had to tell them the story as well.

Morals of the story: Don't ask a 6 year old to put Bounce with "renew, refresh beads" on top of the washer. If you do then make sure that the washer lid is in the down position. When your 6 year old comes and tells you "ha ha, they fell in the washer," go immediately and take it out. Lastly, when you have children - always look into the washer before you actually fill it with clothes.

Did I say Happy Friggin' New Year??


  1. Happy New Year! I hope the rest of the year is a bit kinder to you!

  2. Oh, some days...Bouncy Fresh, indeed.

  3. Didn't you forget at the end of the day to take a deep, deep breath and say to yourself "I just took a deep, deep breath"??
    You were just being tested and it seems you passed. Look forward to the next challenge as it truly makes your life more exciting, wanted or not.

  4. "Don't pray for a lighter load, pray for a stronger back."
    hmmmmmmmmmm xo


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