Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picture Pages Sunday

This is me when I was little and when plaid was "in." I loved being barefoot outside and rarely wore skirts. Such the tomboy!


  1. Holy Fucking Shit! (Please excuse my language but that is the only way to describe my reaction!) That looks EXACTLY like Mia! I can not wait to show Mat.. he is gonna shit bricks! You were so cute!!! Damn girl.. what happened! LOL Just kidding you know I love you!!! Oh my, I am just FREAKED OUT at how much you and Mia look alike!!!

  2. Cute picture! I was quite the tomboy as well, so I can totally relate. I still don't wear dresses or anything requiring panty hose. ;)

  3. I was a barefoot little girl too! Such a cute picture.


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