Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Social

My wonderful husband and I are going to the Winter Social which is his work's Christmas party. I am so excited! I only get to dress up, and I mean really dress up, once a year...and that is for the Winter Social. My dress is absolutely fabulous! I got it at Ross, no less! It only cost $27.99!! That was a bargain for what the dress looks like on me. The funny thing is that while at Ross, I had picked out a few dresses to try on. As I was walking away from the rack toward the dressing room, I noticed a dress at the end of the junior dress aisle. It was a royal blue dress with these silver (and when I say silver, I mean chrome looking, sparkly, shiney kind of silver, polka dots. It tied around the neck with a low back. The front top looked like a bathing suit type of cut, just enough to hold the breasts. The bodice was form-fitting and at the hips there were four layers of fabric...the top layer was a chiffon type with the polka dots that was cut to a point right below the knee on the left side. The second layer was a heavier royal blue fabric without the polka dots, the third layer was the same as the first only came to a point on the right side just below the knee, and the fourth later was just the same as the second.

The dress looked horrid there on the hanger and I remember thinking to myself - "Oh, what the hell, let's just try it one for shits and giggles." So, in my hand it went and again, I was off to the dressing room.

While in the dressing room, I tried on all the other dresses I had picked out. I'm not trying to be conceded, but MAN, did they look good on me! Other women that were walking out to the three sided mirror were looking at me in awe and literally saying stuff like "Oh, if I had her body, I could wear something like that." Then they would turn to me and say things like "Oh my God, that dress looks great on you!" I could tell by the sharp dagger looks in their eyes that they meant it. Then I decided to try my shits and giggles dress felt pretty good, it was very comfortable, (the others were skin tight and I would have done the knee together walk to get anywhere). This one didn't have any zippers (that was a plus - slip on, slip off). It tied around the neck and hugged what is left of my breasts and I could lean over without anyone getting a peek at my nubles. (I just don't have enough to pop out.) When I went to the big mirror outside of the dressing room, no one was there to advise me, I was left there to fend for myself. This was a great relief because my stomach was starting to hurt from all the daggers! So, as any woman would do when left alone in a dressing room, I twirled around...again and again and again and again. "This was it!" I thought. I couldn't believe myself! Here I had picked out this dress just for fun and it turned out to be the "one."

As excited as I am, I will be going now to get dressed. I will update with photos and you can tell me what you think of my "shit and giggles dress," which is what I call it now.

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