Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Stressful Day

Today was a bit of a stressful day. It began with too little sleep. Within 20 minutes of awakening and after Tim took a shower, we left the house to run some errands. The first stop was the cell phone store 30 minutes away. Tim's phone had been repaired and it was ready to be picked up. What was supposed to take a little over an hour, ended up being an ordeal of nearly 3 hours. The head technician in the store broke the car charger that we had and blamed us. When a new charger was bought, it too did not work and the technician blamed it on the car. The charger ws returned and money refunded because there wasn't another charger compatible at the store. It had to be ordered.

We needed sustinance, so off to Waffle House, a favorite spot to eat. Having eaten, stress levels decreased some. Tim had a project to do with his friend for school which is due Monday. He was supposed to go to his friend's house, but because of the delay at the store, there wasn't time to stay at his friend's house to do the project. A different plan was implemented and now Tim's friend was going to spend the night, but needed a ride.

On our way to his friend's house, a police officer pulled us over for speeding. A ticket was given for driving 63 in a 55 (which was a blessing because it should have been 73) and a warning was given about dear husband's tint on the front windshield. The registration was nowhere to be found and the police officer allowed a phone call to dear husband. When he found out about being pulled over, he became upset about the ticket and the warning. Especially since he had bought the car with the tints already on it. Stress levels began to rise again and another snag occurred in what was supposed to be a couple quick errands.

As we neared Tim's friend's house, we noticed traffic was slowing and bright orange cones seperated one lane from the other on a one-way street. As we inched up, we saw that traffic had been redirected because of a parade. Stress levels rose more because time for work was quickly approaching and we still had not picked up Tim's friend. We arrived at Tim's friend's house and began our trek back home. Traffic was worse on the way back and tick, tick, tick went the clock. Once past the traffic, a glance at the gas guage showed very, very, very little gas was in the car, but there wasn't time to stop. We got home with just enough time to get into uniform and put on make-up.

it was decided that the other car was going to be used to get to work. Once at work, there was hardly any guests, so the first hour was spent running food, stocking, helping, standing. One server who got there an hour after the closers got a table before the closers. Needless to say, the closers were a little bothered. It began to feel like it was going to be a long night and the restaurant didn't close until 11:30 pm.

Finally it started to get busy, but not as busy as a typical Saturday. At about7:30 pm, other servers were getting cut off the floor, which is not typical. After all servers, except closers, wer cut, the influx of guests became steady. Fortunately tips were pretty good tonight. As the night wore on, the slow down of guests allowed the closers to do a lot of the necessary nightly cleaning. Finally, the restaurant closed and within 20 minutes, it was time to go home.

On the way home, a realization came...the car had expired tags on it. Heavy duty praying insued that a police officer would not be around to give another ticket in a different vehicle. God said yes to the prayer and grateful thanks was given.

Exhaustion has taken over as it has been extremely difficult to write this without the occassional resting of the eyes...

A day that started out on the stressful side, a couple of planned things did not get done, but overall ended on a happy note and now dreamland is calling...

(Can anyone figure out what is lacking in this post???)


  1. Something missing?? Yea, I didn't see any Christmas Spirit.
    Stop, inhale deeply, and say to yourself, "I know others that would give anything to have taken the breath I just took".
    Now think about some of those "others". It will help make your day a lot brighter and add calmness to your soul.

  2. Some days...

    I didn't see the word "I" anywhere. It was all third person, so I put myself in there instead of you. It WAS stressful!

    Anonymous, you're right. A deep breath and some perspective goes a long way. I just wish I could remember them in the middle of stress instead of afterward more consistently.


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